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Peace Be Still | The Belonging Co & Lauren Daigle | Guitar Playthrough Fractal FM3
David Viem

Peace Be Still | The Belonging Co & Lauren Daigle | Guitar Playthrough Fractal FM3

Wanted to share a little something with you. I've been struggling for years with a disease that's gradually taking my hearing, this last month it got worse and playing really became a very painful thing to do, I even had to step away from playing at my church because of this, which was also deeply painful to do. I always knew the medical prognosis, and always knew this was coming (even while on the rest of the videos there's in this channel, so maybe you can watch those keeping that in mind), Loosing the sense of hearing is a very frighting experience, everything slowly becomes more and more far away and the only thing that remains is a high pitch sound or tinnitus instead. Grabbing my guitar and record this was truly a very hard thing to do, but there's a reason why Paul and Silas sang while on prison, because there's power in worshiping God while you're in the darkest whole, this is how we should fight our battles, specially the ones that are imposible for us or to anyone to fight and that's what I plan to do while God allows me. I never planned to share this anytime, but I believe God wants someone to read this and realize there's a way to fight this battle you're into and that you shouldn't give up. "Peace be still, You are here so it is well, Even when my eyes can't see, I will trust the voice that speaks" By the way, I'll try continue and share whatever knowledge of gear I can with whoever asks, I know must of you guys are part of a worship team in your local churches and want to learn and grow in your instrument, and I'm very glad to know that you found something useful while watching this videos, even if its just inspiration. In this case I want to point out that this is the first video I'm playing using my new Custom Mold In Ear Monitors, which help me have really high definition quality audio while taking care of my ears in a better way, so I totally recommend using SAM AUDIO In Ear Monitors, you can find them either in the US or in the rest of Latin America, actually I just recently became a SAM AUDIO Artist and got the Sky Model in Custom Mold. Links: @samaudioinearmonitors2281 Socials: All Glory to God!
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