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I'm currently using SAM AUDIO Custom Mold In Ear Monitors, which allows me to have really high definition quality audio while taking care of my ears in a better way, so I totally recommend using SAM AUDIO In Ear Monitors, you can find them either in the US or in the rest of Latin America.

I just recently became a SAM AUDIO Artist and got the Sky Model in Custom Mold.

You can see me using them while on my guitar playthroughs.


Proudly endorsing one of the most promising pedal companies out there, get ultra high quality reverb, delay and modulation effects either from the Specular Tempus or Synesthesia.

If you have either of this products you can check my presets for this devices, the NASA Viem Presets which are my 4 favorite reverb algorithms dialed for perfect ambience and my free synesthesia patch for some Lukather vibes.

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